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Facebook Reviews 


Darrell is not only an expert in marketing but a wiz at Facebook Marketing. For many small business owners and Solopreneurs, Facebook Marketing is a mystery, and if you think you understand it there is probably something your missing. I have heard of stories of business spending $10,000 on Facebook Marketing and getting little to no results. Why, because it is complicated and like their personal platform, they are continually changing it. To do the most effective Facebook Marketing, you need an expert who can keep on top of it. Darrell is that expert.


When I go on Facebook's Business Manager or Ads Manager, I feel like I am looking at the symbols descending down the screen in the Matrix movies. Darrell is like Neo. He can read it. The first time we met to discuss my Facebook Marketing, he taught me things in an hour that would have taken me weeks if not months to learn on my own. He is that good. Do yourself a favor before you spend any more money on Facebook Ads hire Darrell and make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck.

Richard D.
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Darrell is knowledgeable, helped in a timely fashion, was punctual, and did a great job of completing our task! 5/5 stars would definitely recommend.

Peter S.

Darrell is a social media ninja with super powers with Facebook ads, conversions and pixels. He is responsive, prompt and an excellent communicator. He has great energy and an extra chill vibe which makes working with him a pleasant experience. He has mapped out a clear roadmap to assist me in reaching my target audience. Try him, you’ll love him and his work!

Michele O.

UpWork Reviews 


Heading towards a different direction with the strategy.

UpWork Client

Darrell was a pleasure to work with on this project, lending his marketing expertise to our test development.

UpWork Enterprise Client
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Wonderful Freelancer.

UpWork Client

Go with Darrell for any of your FB business needs! This guy is a genius!

UpWork Client

This Freelancer did a fantastic job. We had been working for hours and hours in Facebook and could not fix our problem. He got right to it and kept at it until it was fixed. He is great to work with. The best.

UpWork Client
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